How To Snap Your Ride - Tips On How To Photograph Your Car

Give Your Wheels The 'Photogenic' Swag They Deserve...

How To Snap Your Ride

We all know that the wheels in your life are secretly your bestie!  We are all in the digital lifestyle age and so with this in mind... we have put together some TOP TIPS on how to snap your ride to perfection!



Check The Reflections On The Car Bodywork

Watch out for out for our 'pet hate' when capturing your car... reflections in the paint!!  You must carefully control what reflects on the car. Check your surroundings, look closely at the car - see what is reflecting off its bodywork.

Open Space

How To Snap Your Ride

If you can, try to position the care so there is open space behind you. Try to avoid shooting where there are buildings or trees in front of the car.

Show Off The Lines

The most important thing you want to display in your car snaps is the beauty of her design.  Have you ever heard of the phrase "It has nice lines'?!  Well this is your chance to show them off! Beware that reflections spoil these lines quickly - so be mindful of this when taking your pic. 

Take A Unique Shot

How To Snap Your Ride. Mr photogenic

Capture the quirks of your car. Some cars have unique features, make sure you  celebrate these in your shot.

Not At Eye-Level

How To Snap Your Ride - Mr Photogenic

Avoid shooting at eye level where possible. Work some new angles into the frame. Take at floor level, this will make car look dramatic and give impact.  This works especially well for closeup shots. It is easy to fall into the trap of always shooting at eye level. We realise this feels like the most natural starting point but it is also the least flattering angle for a car.  You either go high or go low. Use a ladder or step-stool for the high angles. 

 Take the LOW Road!

Cars look better from a down low angle. Crouch and play with the shot. Why not put your phone on the ground, look up - it will vastly improve your picture. Use landscape to add drama. 

Look At The Landscape

How To Snap Your Ride

If you notice there is an interesting sky formation (think summer nights), this can be a great way to add additional interest to the shot. 

Light Them Up!

Why not turn on the headlights while shooting, it will give a stronger image. Daytime or at night, work the brights! 

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How To Snap Your Ride - Tips On How To Photograph Your Car