A Guide On How To Grow Perfect Beard Stubble

A Guide On How To Grow Perfect Beard Stubble

Welcome to the Mr Photogenic guide on stubble maintenance. This post is packed with everything you need to know on how to grow the perfect stubble. If you think it is just about running a trimmer over your cheeks, neck and chin every few days, think again!! There really is so much more to male grooming than that if you choose to take it seriously. If you don't take certain steps, you can end up with dry skin and beard itch on the regular. So guys, follow these steps and give your stubble the love it deserves.


Here is for the big question...which is normally an endless debate...do you use a beard trimmer or an electric shaver?!
Since different guys grow like their hair at different lengths and you may not be able to tend to your stubble every single night...it is probably smart to have both devices - why choose?! 
There is a logic to this...not just sheer greed! You can have a shave with an electric shaver before bed if you are someone who's stubble grows fast enough to cover your face by morning.  It’s also good for cleaning up the neck and cheek lines, which we'll talk about later. If you have less dense hair and you prefer to wear stubble a couple millimetres from the skin, you will need to have a beard trimmer by your side.  Adjustable in length with a naked trimmer guard, you can snip the hair to minute half-millimeter above the skin. 



You will know how quickly your hair grows, so keep this in mind as it is your responsibility to maintain your desired.  A beard trimmer is your best option for this as they have an adjustable guard to various lengths.  Work your way backwards, going shorter and shorter until you are happy with one particular length.  If you realise that you should have stopped on the previous length, you only need to wait a day or two to get back there. If you don’t fancy shaving daily, it might be a good idea to shave half a millimetre less than your ultimate length on the night before you want it to be at its best. You will then probably have a day or two of perfect stubble before your next trim.